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Milestone 4: "Milo"

Milo is a 2012 gelding who is presumed to be a Thoroughbred-Warmblood Cross. He stands roughly 16.1 and is full of personality. Shelby adopted Milo from the SPCA when he was a 2 year old. When Shelby took him in, Milo was essentially feral. Extremely wary of people, growth-stunted and underweight, Milo put Shelby’s patience and training to the test. Since then, he has come a long way and blossomed into an unrecognizable horse compared to the one he used to be. Shelby attributes much of her equine education to Milo’s training and discovering what has worked for him. Read all of Milo's story here.


Bionic: “George”

George is a Thoroughbred that Shelby used to gallop while he was still racing, when it came time to retire, Shelby selected George as her 2019 Retired Racehorse Project horse. George is a 2015 17hh gelding with a stellar temperament and looks to boot. He is intended to show in the show jumping and dressage rings once he is ready as well as competing at the Thoroughbred Makeover Project in Fall 2019.



Captain Fancypants: “Simon”

Simon came in with Roulette from the Dawson Creek auction. He was also purchased due to being bid on by the kill buyer, however, the kill buyer did not win the bid on him and he never actually ended up in the ownership of a kill buyer like Rue did. Simon was very nervous, aggressive and unhandled when he arrived from the auction. Since then, all work with him has been about getting him to trust again and realize humans are his friends. Simon is approximately 2.5-3 years old and should make an exceptional pony project for the hunter/jumper ring with his flashy movement and good looks. Simon will make a fantastic pony project and should make some lucky child very happy in a few years.



In-Utero Foal Coming 2019

Shelby was given a stunning mare named In Fine Fashion from Clyde Racing Stables, where she works, in summer 2018. This mare went by the name of Donut around the barn and while she did not make it as a racehorse, her incredible temperament and lovely build made her a great candidate to cross with a Warmblood stallion to result in a Warmblood foal with the ability to be registered with a number of Warmblood registries. Donut is due in June 2019, currently in foal to Banderas of Dreamscape Farms. This will be Shelby’s first home bred foal.