Photography, Videography And Advertising for Sales Ads

In order to give your horse the best chance in finding their new home, attractive photos and appealing videos are highly beneficial in catching the eyes of potential buyers and piquing their interest in your horse. Ensuring that your horse is set up correctly and in a flattering manner in their photos is what can separate them from other horses on the market. Shelby is very proficient with Adobe Photoshop editing and Final Cut Pro/Sony Vegas video editing software and can help you to create a professional and appealing sales ad for your horse. Her reach across her social medias of over 100k followers is an effective way to reach buyers from all around North America as well as increasing the traffic on your horse’s ads when shared in Facebook groups and other equine sites. This is currently only offered to residents of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Small travel fee may apply to certain areas.



A sales photo session includes conformation shots, headshots (can do black background if customer is interested and has an area that would work to shoot these in, riding and/or free lunging photos. Photos will turnout best in brightly lit areas, very dim indoors tend to produce more grainy photos so it is highly recommended to have a well lit arena or good, outdoor lighting. The pricing for photo sessions starts at $35.


A sales video includes flat and/or jumping under saddle footage with flattering video stills from acquired footage, introduction and further information about the horse. For a $5 extra charge, free lunging and/or free jumping video can also be added or if the customer wishes, this can replace the riding footage if the horse is not yet broke/owner does not wish to include riding footage in the video. The video will be set to music and uploaded to the Milestone Equestrian channel, where the customer will be provided a link. A file can be sent, as well, if the customer prefers to upload the video to their own channel. Videography starts at $45. If the customer wishes to have someone ride their horse in the video, this can also be provided for an extra charge (due to needed to bring an extra hand to ride and/or video)

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Sales Ad Consultations & Advertising

Having a professional, well-written sales ad will make a huge difference in how your horse presents to potential buyers. Ensuring all necessary information is included in the ad in an easy to read manner with no spelling/grammatical errors is highly important for drawing in buyers. Milestone Equestrian offers editing or writing of sales ads for a small fee. Recommendations on photos/videos to use for the ad can also be provided. For local customers, Milestone Equestrian can also post the ads to a variety of sites for you and respond to buyers on your behalf/direct them your way for an extra charge. A feature on our "Horses for Sale" page will also be included if customer chooses to have Milestone Equestrian help advertise for them.

Shelby has a very strong following across numerous social media platforms, allowing her over 100,000 followers to advertise sales horses to on her social media alone. On top of this, she offers postings to local groups for advertising services. Shelby has an excellent track record of rehoming horses quickly and efficiently for their respected value. Advertising will include the sales ad consult and can also include videography and photography for an additional charge. Potential buyers can be immediately directed to the owner for further information or this can be handled by Shelby for an additional charge. Please contact for further information related to advertising costs as well as cost for using Shelby as a sales agent.