Riding Advice for Horse Rookies


I started riding at a very young age. Because of my youth, I didn’t have the awareness or ability to research, learn, or experiment with what I was taught back then as I do today as an adult. That said, the learning curve in the horse world continues to be steep, and there is always more to learn. Even more knowledgable and experienced equestrians (e.g. your coach, professional riders, Olympic team members) are still constantly learning and adjusting the manner in which they approach horses and their own riding.

Because of the fact that we are working with large animals, all with unique quirks and personalities, it is important to remain humble and remind ourselves of how very much there is to learn and how far we have yet to go. So, to those who are just starting out in the horse world, remember this:

Don’t compare yourselves to others, never feel ashamed to ask questions, double check “facts,” and stay thirsty for knowledge.

The only way you can continue to learn and better yourself is by being open to new information and aware of the fact that it is always better to ask questions, to clarify, and to learn than to pretend you know more than you do.

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