Maelort & Co Ringside Bag Review


I've been a fan of Maelort products from afar for quite a while now, in particular their one ring side bag: black with brown accents. I'd been fawning over this backpack for a while and finally got around to ordering it and I must say, I was not disappointed!

When the bag arrived, I was thrilled to find it packed beautifully with a lovely draw string bag to keep it safe and clean in shipping. This was double exciting for me, as I'm always in need of new bags and these drawstring gym-type bags are so useful for all sorts of things (especially around the barn!). Upon unpacking the bag, the material of it surprised me. Sleek and much higher end than I was expecting. I've looked at many other brands of high end backpacks, particularly the equestrian-based ringside bags and none of them have ever felt anywhere near this well made. The durable nylon base is sleek and smooth but extremely durable. I often run into problems with stitching undoing and bags tearing due to the weight of what I carry in them, but I cannot imagine that happening with this particular bag.

The leather accents are beautiful and add a unique finish to the bag while keeping it classy and stylish. They are what immediately caught my eye and made me start fawning over the bag in the first place and more importantly, they also feel exceptionally durable and well made. I can hang this bag from hooks at school or around the house, with my books AND laptop in it and not have to worry about the seams starting to tear or leather handles coming off... Something that I almost always worried about and avoided with my previous bags. The bag also has fancy magnetic buttons, making the bag close quickly and easily and also "self seal" in a way if you leave it open by accident (which I tend to do far too often). They also stay closed even if the bag is filled to capacity with all of my course books, laptop, lunch and 2 different outfits for the day... Literally fits everything!

Now, this bag is technically called a ringside bag and would be exceptionally useful for shows but I will be mainly using it for school because it is so beautiful and so so much nicer than my previous school bag, I don't think I can go back. BUT- as a ringside bag, I must say that it'd also be phenomenal. This bag has so many pockets, on the inside and out. It can fit everything from laptops to books to crops to chapstick to helmets to braiding elastics.. You name it, there's probably a pocket for it. Even the smaller looking pockets fit more than you could possibly imagine, I managed to comfortably fit my laptop charger, deodorant, pens and glasses case all in the front pocket.



Aside from functionality and durability, comfort is a major concern to me when I'm shopping for something that I'll have to tote around for hours, especially with heavy items inside. I have to say, that even being the fussy person that I am, I've no complaints about this bag! I've gotten rubs, sore shoulders and back from previous bags but have seen none of that with this Maelort bag. The straps are nicely padded and SOFT, no abrasiveness for sensitive skin! Even with how full I always seem to have this bag, I haven't had any problems with the straps digging in or rubbing me, which I'm ecstatic about.

I am a very frugal person but have to say that this bag is worth every penny. It is by far the nicest, most well made backpack I've ever owned and it exceeds the quality of many of the other major backpack brands out there, both for regular school bags and horseshow bags. I've yet to discover a brand that holds a candle to the quality, durability and beauty of this incredible backpack. I am thrilled and so happy to have it. Maelort boasts the most beautiful ringside bags on the market and I'm here to tell you that with that beauty comes FUNCTIONALITY! So, if you're looking for your new school bag or ringside bag, consider these ones! They're definitely made to last.